Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7,2009 hair dye allergy reaction

I have been using the Emprizone and Firm from Mannatech alternately and you can see the results even after ONE DAY.... HOLY!!! Hard to beleive there is something out there that can do this. My last dose of intrevenous anti-biotics was last night and now I have to go on for another ten days of Keflex. I am not all together feeling well. The trama of this ordeal is affecting everything I do. I try and do things like I normally would but have to take it easy and rest, and that for me is not always easy. I am going to try and rest and recover, as now I hope I am over the worst of it.

A few days after my initial reaction. I thought I had a sliver in one of my fingers. It hurt so much I asked Michelle to take it out for me. The closer I looked I found they were all over my fingers. It was very irritating and painful. An Asian traditional doctor visiting my home told me that when you are poisoned or electrocuted for instance, the body will naturally try and push the poison out of its extremities.

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