Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22, 2009 hair dye allergy reaction

Since my last blog I received more Mannatech from Lawrence sent via Puralator, thanks Lawrence. I find that the Firm and Emprizone help maintain the spread of the rashes, but not the onset of the bumps and the early stages of the problems around my body. I get little bumps on my hands then they seem to go deeper and get larger as on my head, they then turn into a rash like on my calf on my right leg. If I keep caking on the mannatech it helps. I don’t know where the bumps may appear next. The summer heat is definitely a factor, when I sweat and it is very hot I can feel it like pins and needles and the areas are very itchy. My head still has ongoing problems with me scatching away at scabs and flaking skin I apply the creams, and hope that I don’t break out severely.

“Just for Men” contacted me a couple of weeks ago and offered to pay for my medical expenses. They were very understanding, but I am thinking about the continued pain and suffering of what has and is happening to my body concerning the blood poisoning that it has caused and the continued agony that I suffer.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009 hair dye allergy reaction

My back has broken out in a rash and it is itchy like a mother. I still itch like crazy
especially when I go to bed. Having a good nights sleep is not easy. I went on a date
on the weekend and was ashamed of all the scaling on my head and the skin which still
comes off my scalp. It is like I have the worst case of exema in history.

I don't know if it is from this poisoning, but my throat has been sore when I swallow. My
glands in my neck have been enflamed all along, but my whole neck feels bruised when
I press at it and it is a bit swollen.

I have four marble sized enflamed glands on the right side of my neck and two on my
left that are quit painful and the one that is closest to the base of my skull has given me
a head ache for almost 5 days.

July 6, 2009 hair dye allergy reaction

As you can see I have not posted for a while, but it doesn't mean things haven't been
interesting. Just over a week ago the skin on the tips of my fingers peeled off and the
tops of my feet had a similar reaction. You can see some of the scar tissue as a result.
I rarely get foot fungus, but this time it was not the same, and I figured out it was from
whatever PPD or poisoned blood thing I have now that is reacting to my body. It cut
into the crevices of my feet that it felt like razor blade cuts and it hurts. The pictures I
took today. I should have been more diligent with my blog, but it is frustrating to have to
go through something you would rather forget.

I ran out of the Mannatech stuff four days ago and it has started burning. My head
broke out again and three days ago when it was sunny out it felt like I had heat stroke.
At work I was not feeling well and had to go home and take a gravol, so I wouldn't throw
up. Not having the Firm and Emprizone is not easy. I have been applying the cortisone
cream my doctor prescribed, but it fails to repair my tissue. Lawrence finally called
yesterday from his holiday back east and has ordered some Mannatech for me.

The skin on my hands and fingers also keep peeling. When the new layer is
established it seems to break out again. What am I going to do? Will this ever go
away? I have had every herbal, natural pathic remedy thrown at me to try, and really
the only thing that has helped is the Mannatech and I am out....