Thursday, June 4, 2009

hair dye allergy and what to do

On thursday May 28 I had hair dye put in my hair. Just for men, bought at the Pharmasave in Hope BC, Canada. I didn't really care for it to be done, but I said, what the hey go ahead.... Michelle did a small test on my hair and skin for a few minute, which the specialist later told me is not a test patch. A test patch should be done in and around the temple and or on a sensitive part of the wrist and left on for at least a few hours. Michelle has done lots of dye jobs and it was in for only ten minutes. The dye was called real black. The worst, if you have a reaction to it, apparently. One half hour after the dye, rinse and sitting around laughing at my jet black hair with no grey, I started to feel tingles like when your leg falls asleep. It was really beginning to hurt. My skin was beginning to swell around my entire head.

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