Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10,2009 hair dye allergy reaction

Outside of an itchy scalp and lots of flakes coming off me, the outside exposed skin is almost healed. I can be in the sun and not feel the burning. I have applied the Firm and Emprizone alternately and it really is amazing. I have looked at my own posts and if I didn't see the results in such a short time, I wouldn't have beleived it myself.

The major problem I face is the itching of my body, especially at night. It is like I have hives or something. My back, arms, thighs, and ass cheeks especially.... go figure. But all in all tomorrow I am scheduled to go back to work and for the most part I am much better. I will have to get some things together to do something to detoxify my body from this poisoning. I have read postings about people suffering for years with itching from the ppd poisoning. I won't let that be me, so if you have any suggestions?

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