Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hair Dye Epic Fail

Well it truly was an epic fail, and I just want to upload this video so you can see in a few minutes what I went through. This video shows some of the side effects of the PPD in the hair dye I used from Clairol's line of "Just for Men" hair dye, and still suffer from the resulting after effect when I  contracted MRSA while being treated.

It was sort of strange actually. I was told by some female friends, you should really dye your hair, as it will make you look younger and more attractive. I didn't want to for the reason that I didn't mind my salt and pepper hair, but was convinced otherwise. What was strange was that I first met my wife with this face. I had just had a treatment at the burn unit in the Abbotsford Hospital and met her at a Starbucks in Chilliwack. We chatted online before meeting and when she saw me the first time, she simply asked if the skin irritation thing I had was contagious? I said no..... and the rest is history. We have been married now going on 6 years and am glad that she didn't judge me on my looks. 

 It was a very painful and traumatic time for me, but it was easier to deal with  when the  toxic shock and burning sensation subsided. The MRSA is the second worst part. Having cysts and boils all over your body can be very irritating and sometimes extremely painful. I hope I can find a way to cure myself of this staph infection. If you have any natural cures that no one has told me about, and isn't harmful or uses chemicals, I would love to hear about it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What is PPD in hair dye?



Just because you don't see a reaction, 

doesn't mean it isn't there!

PPD is a harmful chemical dye that is widely used in not only hair colour, but it is also used in the textile industry, dying furs, cosmetics, dark henna tattooing, ink cartridges for printing, black rubber, oils, greases, gas, and the list goes on. It is resident in 99% of all hair dyes, so if you are thinking that you are going to be safe and have some natural blend, you are probably being fooled, unless it says no PPD or p-Phenylendiamine added.

My reaction soon after using Just for Men hair dye in 2009

The dangerous elements of PPD is a compound dirivitive from aniline, which is actually a white solid. When you add oxidation to this white solid it darkens to whatever degree desired by engineers developing usually polymers and composite materials. As an ingredient in hair dyes the formula of p-Phenylenediamine is C6H4(NH2)2 . I is actually an organic compound and is treated and reacts to different substances which can create even violet tints and reds. In different applications the basically colourless dye is transformed into the colours present in hair colours. 
As 99% of all hair dye contain varying amounts of PPD, this also includes semi permanent hair colour, black henna tattoo dye and almost every brand out there including some safe hair colour for cancer patients. The effects of hair dye in studies containing PPD's which most studies concur, but of course were never conclusive, that it observed associations with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, multiple myeloma, acute leukemia, and bladder cancer. With information coming from the US EPA and the CDC, it has also been voted the Allergen of the Year back in 2006 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

The swelling and skin irritation from Just for Men hair dye in 2009

What does this tell us? I know vanity is a very powerful thing ,and even female friends can hardly contain themselves when they finds grey hairs and start looking at hair dyes that would suit them best. Men not as much. I was single when I dyed my hair, my sister even bought it for me, and well the rest is history. I got very sick from it, contracted toxic shock as well as MRSA a horrible staph infection and super bug that I am still dealing with. We find it important to present ourselves in a youthful light to others, but is dying your hair with known killer chemicals important enough to risk that look? Adverse reactions to PPD in hair dye has known to kill people so just because you may not outwardly have a reaction, doesn't mean that it isn't doing something that may become evident later.

Even the world health organization has made comments that hair dresses and barbers are at a very high risk of cancer due to the application of hair dye. So not only are those who have their hair dyed at risk. 
As a young teen, elders and seers always told me to eat and consume natural things. They told me that my mind, body and spirit we very sensitive to unnatural things. I found this out directly when I had my hair dyed but signs were evident before and especially after as the body becomes hyper aware when a known substance had created problems in the past. I purchased made in China black socks and when I wore them my feet became considerably swollen as a result. Also a new t shirt created hives on my body, and a new black leather belt brought out a rash around my waist.

PPD is in many items, and it is really up to us as vigilant people to monitor ourselves and our family's. It is our responsibility to better inform our children as there are so many products that have PPD's. Here in Canada the Government has banned cosmetics that touch the skin containing PPD's, but even hair dye will under all circumstances enter into the follicles of the hair and into the scalp. 

It doesn't matter how careful you are, it finds a way. I know many hair dressers will use a plastic barrier, pulling out the strands to be dyed, but to fully and completely cover the hair, remove grey or the former tint on the hair, all the hair must be colourized. When you wash your hair you are also enveloping all your breathing skin with chemicals, if you are using the shower method to wash treated hair after an application of hair dye.
I don't know what to say, other than, women, be careful, and men, you look better with the wisdom of your grey. I find it sad that women have so much more pressure from the mainstream and social consciousness to look younger. It is a huge price to pay when you endanger your life and health to look glamorous or younger.

Sources and added information links:

A natural way to help aid healing of dangerous hair dye's burns and flare-ups.

Plantain, a readily available helpful remedy!

I have not looked at my blog for almost five years and have had almost 25,000 hits. Someone mentioned that they saw me on google images and it was a horrible picture of me with a big rash. Well I revisited my blog and it was very active despite my absence. This means people are suffering, and for that I am sorry, as I have found some helps that are fast and reliable.

Outside of the Mannatech products that I use to this day. I have found something that is natural, readily available and I found that it works. It is called Plantain. I have used it on people with burns and skin irritations, as well as the adverse reactions to hair dye. What I do is first go outside and collect the leaves of the plantain weed as most think of it as, and wash it thoroughly. Because of weather modification spraying and the floral carbons in the air, it is wise to wash the plantain so that you have very little residue on the leaves. If you are close to a place like a park or where there is less traffic, all the better, but in a pinch you will find it right in your yard. It is amazing how some of the most powerful healthy healing herbs are sometimes right under our noses.

After washing the leaves with a surfactant, or natural soap and water, you grind them down with a mortar and pestil, or even a spoon on a plate. Make sure the the leaves are leeching the internal green matter in a semi liquid form and wrap it on the affected area with a gauze, or clean cloth. Repeat this as often as necessary as it will not only draw out the poisons, but will also encourage healing like aloe vera does or Japanese knot weed.

In the cases I have been present, it has helped the swelling, scabbing and leeching of the wound. Remember the body has to do its thing. Trying to stop swelling or the seeping of liquids may not be helpful, as the body needs to get rid of the presence of, in the case of dangerous hair dyes, which has Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) a chemical substance that is widely used as a permanent hair dye.

Remember that going to emergency or to your doctor after having a reaction to hair dye is primary, but make sure that they use gloves and that all preventative measures are adhered to concerning your body. I contracted MRSA and had toxic shock when in the hospital. When they touch you and or others in the area, you can easily catch this horrible staph infection, that never seems to go away.

Read more about Plantain. The internet has so many great articles and blogs about it. Here is one that talks about making a poultice: