Friday, December 3, 2010

It doesn't go away

I have not been able to shake it to date. I am growing my hair out again, because it doesn't seem to matter what I do. Months ago my doctor gave me a cotton swap to bring to the lap and it stopped weeping until the last few days. It is always itchy but hasn't been weeping that liquid. A few days ago it go so itchy I was waking up scratching again. I have enough ooze to bring to the lab now, and who knows what it will bring.

Monday, September 6, 2010

a serious allergic reaction to PPD in Hair dye

It is now September of 2010 and I decided to let my hair grow despite the continued reactions to my skin, especially my scalp. I get a kind of boil acne on my face and neck all the time and rashes around my ears and around my temples. I still have not filed legal actions, but they will come. I have detoxed and am still trying alternative things to stop this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a serious allergic reaction to PPD in Hair dye

I think I know what makes it react so bad. It is the natural covering of the hair on my head as it was growing. I also wear glasses and as I have just got a new pair that are thick plastic and they stay on my nose and rest on the side of my head, the friction and lack of breathing creates severe problems for me. I feel like my skin is on fire and just underneath the skin it feels sort of pussy and I have head aches in the last week on and off, and they are paralyzing. My eyes are hot and have been taking ibuprofen. I am trying to let my skin breath as much as possible, but it has been oozing and scaling quit a bit and it is embarrassing to go out.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thought I could grow my hair out.....what now?

A few weeks ago.... tired and wanting my hair long again, I started to grow it out. When it covered my head as you can see in the picture, the symptoms began to return. Puss is coming from my ears again, my head is oozing and I get boils on my hands and they hurt. My neck is starting to itch and underneath the skin on my neck and forehead it feels bruised. When I had my head shaved from the summer on, I could put cream on it and it seemed to breath better. Now that I am growing my hair out it all comes back. I feel very ashamed that my hair can't be long and in a braid.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What next?

It has been a long time and I had to chop my hair off, something I never thought I would do. Everytime I try and grow it out I get scabs on my scalp like exema. I think it is time to call a lawyer and deal with the pain and suffering this dye has put me through.