Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17,2009 hair dye allergy reaction

Since my last blog I have been itchy mostly when I go to bed. I didn't keep up the mannatech Firm and Emprizone for a day or two and some of the scabbing behind my ear came back, so I am trying to keep up with the applications. For some reason I have been really itchy around my nether regions, arms and trunk. I wake up and have scratched myself raw. My face is puffy and my eyes are even itchy. As you can see my lids and forhead are a bit swollen and just above my hairline has been irritated. I have been taking some things to detox my system. Lemon water with cyan and maple syrup fast, but being on the meds cannot go on an empty stomach, so I will start tomorrow as today is my last day of official meds.

I have another blood test on the 20th to see what's up with the rest of my system. The worst is the itching. And no libido to speak of. No fun. and am looking rather lousy. Three days ago I started getting major cramps in my body. I would wake up with my legs and chest, sometimes my arms or back would cramp and I would wake up screaming in pain. I have taken a half dose of a muscle relaxant before bed if I feel the possibility of cramps. They are so painful. I have not been sleeping well at all. Lots of tossing and turning and trying not to itch. During the day and at work I am a bit more cautious as to how I work so I don't end up cramping when doing what I do.... at tow truck day.

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