Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hair Dye Epic Fail

Well it truly was an epic fail, and I just want to upload this video so you can see in a few minutes what I went through. This video shows some of the side effects of the PPD in the hair dye I used from Clairol's line of "Just for Men" hair dye, and still suffer from the resulting after effect when I  contracted MRSA while being treated.

It was sort of strange actually. I was told by some female friends, you should really dye your hair, as it will make you look younger and more attractive. I didn't want to for the reason that I didn't mind my salt and pepper hair, but was convinced otherwise. What was strange was that I first met my wife with this face. I had just had a treatment at the burn unit in the Abbotsford Hospital and met her at a Starbucks in Chilliwack. We chatted online before meeting and when she saw me the first time, she simply asked if the skin irritation thing I had was contagious? I said no..... and the rest is history. We have been married now going on 6 years and am glad that she didn't judge me on my looks. 

 It was a very painful and traumatic time for me, but it was easier to deal with  when the  toxic shock and burning sensation subsided. The MRSA is the second worst part. Having cysts and boils all over your body can be very irritating and sometimes extremely painful. I hope I can find a way to cure myself of this staph infection. If you have any natural cures that no one has told me about, and isn't harmful or uses chemicals, I would love to hear about it.


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  2. You should use manic panic hair dye, its vegan and chemical free. I used it when I dyed my hair black and I had no unanticipated reactions to it. Arctic Fox is also a vegan dye, but I haven't tried it. You shouldn't have tried to dye your hair without doing your research first about whats in the dye.